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Rachel is an amazing counselor! My husband and I first saw her for pre-marital counseling, and continue to see her whenever the need arises. She has incredible insight into issues like anxiety over different things, dealing with death and grief, spousal relationships, and family relationships. We clicked with Rachel so well from the first meeting and look forward to seeing her in the future whenever we need to schedule an appointment. We would recommend Rachel to anyone in need of a counselor!

My children see Melissa, and she has helped us thru many struggles (sibling rivalries, self confidence, ADHD, anxiety, school issues). My kids loved going to see her. She always got on their level and we always got results. I don't think we could have found anyone better for our family. She is an amazing therapist.

Jennifer is truly a joy to work with! From my first session I knew I had stumbled upon someone I could safely confide in without a worry of judgment. My only regret thus far...not having begun my therapeutic journey sooner!

Melissa has been extremely helpful in helping me address issues. Both ones as they have come up on a day to day basis as well as ones that have been ongoing.

Jennifer is the best counselor I could have ever imagined - patient, empathetic, wise. Working with her has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. She's great!

Rachel Berg is amazing. She has helped my husband and I in our marriage. Marriage is hard and that is okay, she helped us normalize our situation to navigate through a difficult patch. Imperfection is perfection. I not only recommend her for marriages but also for individual therapy. Her compassion and grace is overwhelming. My gratitude to her is beyond measure.

Aronda has been wonderful. She is very accommodating with my schedule. I can be me without feeling judged. I can express what I'm feeling and she helps me look at it in a different way. When my wife passed away in January, Aronda made time to talk. I am very thankful for her.

Julia has been great to work with. My child is doing extremely better with her mental health needs. She was able to open up with Julia and express her true feelings. She looks forward to her weekly sessions.

We have been seeing Lydiah for our family counseling and she is fantastic. She is so wonderful to work with. Very caring and willing to help in any way, shape, or form. She has given us her phone number and we are able to call at any time if we are having a rough time with something and just need to talk thru it. I would recommend her if you are going thru family issues at all.

Jennifer is amazing! It’s been almost a year now but I couldn’t have made it through this year without her support. She does a great job listening, affirming, and providing tools that have allowed me to grow, but also stay levelheaded in the mist of what is proving to be one of the most challenging times of my life. She’s kind and honest. She makes me feel safe. I never feel judged which is what you hope for in a your therapist. I am truly thankful for her guidance and support.

Rachel provided a safe and supportive environment for me to vent my struggles and problems with no judgement. She was incredibly validating and I looked forward to every meeting because I knew that no matter what, I would be uplifted and feel better walking out.

Melissa was wonderful. I felt heard and validated. Her advice was invaluable. I know I will continue benefiting from it.

Kelly is my therapist. Before starting therapy with Kelly, I was with another therapist not affiliated with Evolution and she and I just didn't "click." However, from the first session that I had with Kelly, I immediately knew she understood me. I come from a school counseling and LCMHC background, so having a therapist who also follows a similar path has been a priceless experience. Kelly manages to have the right balance of challenging my not so helpful thinking while also fostering a safe environment for me to discuss the harder parts of life. She shows unconditional positive regard and genuineness every time we meet. I am so thankful for her!

Julia is the best therapist I have had. She is very good at listening while redirecting the conversation to the important talking points. She makes sure that we have a plan at the end of every appointment. I leave every session feelings relieved and powered.

Kaitlyn is amazing! She is patient and has a way of bringing an outside perspective that is bias and fair! She provides truly a safe and welcoming place for us to be honest and real!

Kaitlyn has been instrumental in the health and well being of our son. She is walking him through the difficult teen years with tools he uses to navigate his relationships. He looks forward to his sessions and we see a huge difference in him. We are so thankful that he has her to help guide him!

Callie has been amazing over the last few months. I have seen a major mindset change in me that has greatly helped with my anxiety.

My Therapist Lydiah has been a gift to me and my mental/physical and emotional health! She listens, she explains and asks relevant questions when I need guidance or insights, I would be very unhappy if I was not able to continue treatment and sessions with out her in my SELF CARE regiment!

I have been working with Callie for a few months now and it has been life changing. She is helping me better regulate my emotions and meet the challenges of my personal and work life.

Lydiah Nysmisoa, is Amazing! Speaking with her is like talking to someone you’ve known for years. I’ve learned more about myself in 5 months, then I have in 39 years!

Kaitlyn has been such a positive role model for my daughter . Before coming to Kaitlyn I felt that my daughter was going through a very critical stage in her life. My daughter lights up when she talks about Kaitlyn. They have a special connection. Kaitlyn is definitely “her person “

Jennifer Osborne is amazing. I have tried many therapists for the past 6+ years and she is the only one that has helped me make any progress and I feel comfortable with. She is a 10/10 and would recommend to anyone!

Rachel has been amazing! When I first started seeing Rachel I was in a really dark place and Rachel has really helped me see the light. She has given me hope that things will get better and her constant positive spirit radiates through our sessions and I always leave feeling 10x better than when I came. I look forward to my sessions faithfully!

Callie is wonderful! Great listener, but offers supportive advice as needed. She is a blessing!

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