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General Life Transitions

The only thing constant is change.

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Transitions are often opportunities to make positive changes in our lives. But life transitions may not always feel positive. They may be met with resistance, fear, sadness, and regret. With change comes resistance. A major life transition closes one chapter of our life and opens a new one.  It’s often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear and uncertainty.  Transitions can be expected or unexpected, welcomed or unwelcomed, chosen or imposed, sudden or gradual.  Our natural tendency is to resist change in our routines.  We can feel challenged by transitions that take us away from what is familiar. We may feel overwhelmed, disillusioned, or angry.  We may blame ourselves for situations that are out of our control.

When life changes are difficult and lead to stress, anxiety, or depression, a therapist can help you explore coping strategies. Because change can cause stress, it can have an effect on one's daily life. A person facing a big transition might experience depression, anxiety, or have trouble sleeping. 

Life Transitions: 

  • Marriage/new relationship

  • Breakup, divorce/separation, recovery from an affair

  • Arrival of a new baby

  • Parenting an infant/child/teen

  • Adjustment to college or the workplace

  • Empty nesting

  • Retirement, job loss, or career changes

  • Financial gain or loss

  • Serious illness or disability of self or a loved one

  • Issues of aging

  • Death of a loved one

  • Questioning faith/spirituality

  • Questioning sexual/gender identity

Set up an appointment with a therapist today if you are in the middle of a life transition or anticipating a life change!

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