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Experience the positive change that you desire in your life...


The challenges and obstacles of life we all face often stem from childhood.
In our early years we learn about healthy relationships, self respect,
balancing our emotions, and dealing with stressful situations. Sometimes,
however, what we have learned can be a bit unclear or inappropriate and
we grow up feeling detached from our emotions or unsure of how to cope
with our very strong feelings. We are stuck, uncertain of what we really
want in life.

At Evolution Counseling Associates, we are trained to deal with this
dilemma. Through therapy, our counselors can help you increase your
emotional regulation skills, mindfulness tools, and distress tolerance so that
you can begin to see the future you desire and move forward.
We believe in the power of connection. Perhaps your intuition is telling you
something but you are unable to act on it. You recognize that you need to
make a change but you are not quite sure what that change needs to be.
Once you connect with the power within yourself, you will see how resilient
you truly are. Then you will be able to evolve, with the tools to
communicate, problem solve, think, and connect with others.

-Melissa, Jenny and Rachel

Jenny Osborne, Rachel Berg, Melissa Gallimore


Evolution Counseling Associates provides a wide range of therapeutic telehealth (secure online video counseling) and in person services for individuals, couples, families, and children in the greater Charlotte area and beyond.

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